What we are about:

Rad Wedding Videos have a certain style.  We will not try and sell you a vision of a video that we will not create.  We are honest, hard working and passionate people. 

Our style is rustic, natural, hand held and involved.  We shoot on SLR cameras that produce photograph style videos with amazing depth of field.  We will capture your day from the guests perspective, weaving our way through the crowds to capture natural unplanned moments.  Loads of smiles, special moments and things otherwise unnoticed.   We know how much has gone into every detail of your special day and we will not miss those details.  From the table arrangements to the handmade bunting we will capture everything.

If you are looking for a polished TV style, serious video then we are not for you.  We will capture the highlights of your day in a style in keeping with the modern expectations of the digital online world.

Our videos will show every part of your day from start to finish set to any music of your choice.  We will not try sell you anything you do not need like a special box set of DVDs.  You will get a digital download of your video that you are then free to distribute as you see fit.  

We are happy to talk on the phone or meet in person about any ideas that you have.  Please watch some of our videos and if you like them then I hope we can do one for you.  

Who we are:

Rad Video are made up of Media Production graduates
Daniel Briney and Alex Ashworth. 
We have both worked in the professional media industry for the last 5 years since graduating.
We are both 28 years old and best friends.
Our friendship and age enhance the style we offer.

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